About Us

Macsen Laboratories (A Unit Of N.K Agrawal group of industries)

WHO GMP, GLP & ISO Certified Manufacturer of high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Specialty Dyes & Fine Chemicals.

Our History

The name Macsen is composed from “M A” which is short form of “Mohanlal Agrawal” and “C SEN” which is short form of “Chandra Sen”. Macsen Laboratories was started as a household unit on the rooftop of the dwelling house in the old quarters of historic walled city of Udaipur, by Dr. Mohanlal Agrawal, Mr.Puranmal Agrawal & Mr. Chandra Sen Agrawal (Sons of Dr. Mohanlal Agrawal), in 1952. One of the very first product of Macsen Laboratories, “Mercurochrome” is still manufactured by us.

Macsen grew in leaps and bounds under the leadership of Mr. N.K Agrawal (son of Mr. Puranmal Agrawal), who was a gold medalist pharmacist from Nagpur University. Because of his passion for chemistry, Macsen soon made a portfolio of Niche API products and became the market leader in those products. In August 2008, Mr. N.K Agrawal left this world for a better place, leaving the responsibility of continuing the legacy upon his next generation.

Mr. Achal Agrawal (Son of Mr. N.K Agrawal), who has studied Chemical Engineering from Pune University, is leading the organization since 2008. Under his leadership, the organization became a group of industries from a single manufacturing unit. The turnover has increased more than 20 times under his leadership. It was his vision to grow not only in terms of business but also in terms of quality, that now we have certifications like WHO-GMP, EU-GMP (W.C), ISO and registration with regulatory agencies like US FDA.

Our main motto is to preserve and grow our 70 year old legacy & goodwill. We believe that profit is only a by-product of business.

Our Infrastructure

Multiple manufacturing locations at total land area of approx. 60000 Square Meters.
Non-GMP, Semi-GMP to Full GMP type production blocks for organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals.
Reactor sizes upto 10 KL in S.S 316 and upto 5 K.L in GLR.
All standard utilities required in organic synthesis.
Analytical Laboratories with HPLCs, UHPLCs, ICP-OES, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, FTIR, UV-Spectro, etc.
Effluent Treatment Plants with Multiple Effect Evaporators and capacity to handle high TDS effluent.
Registration and Membership at Common Hazardous Waste Management Facility, Udaipur for treatment of solid hazardous waste.

Certifications and Licenses

We have following certifications and licenses from various private and government agencies.

1.) WHO GMP & GLP certification from FDA Rajasthan, India. (New cGMP Site).

2.) EUGMP - WC (New cGMP Site).
3.) GMP Schedule - M From FDA Rajasthan.
4.) ISO 9001:2015 certification from IRCLASS - Systems and Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
5.) Valid Drug License from FDA Rajasthan, India for manufacturing APIs.
6.) Consent to operate from Pollution Control Board.
7.) Factory & Boilers registration.
8.) Member of Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India.
9.) Member of Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
10.) Member of Udaipur Chemical Manufacturer’s Association.
11.) USFDA Registered API manufacturing facility.
12.) Valid Drug Licence (Form 37) for drug testing.