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Battery Cathode Materials

One of the India's first manufacturer of Battery Cathode Materials

Our ability to synthesize battery cathode materials is enhanced by our manufacturing and research capabilities. We have an in-house R&D Laboratory to support specific customer requirements depending on their development and needs. We place a significant emphasis on scientific investigation and development within the field of battery technology by investing resources in exploring new materials, refining existing ones, and optimizing the performance and efficiency of battery cathode materials. If required, we also hold the interest to collaborate with research institutions, employ expert scientists and engineers, and engage in ongoing studies to advance the capabilities of cathode materials for various types of batteries, including lithium-ion, sodium-ion, and more. Our goal is to produce high-quality cathode materials that meet the ever-evolving demands of the energy storage industry.
Manufacturing in accordance with cGMP
Access to Hi-Tech Analytical Instruments like XRD analyzer, SEM-EDAX, Particle Size Analyzer,
Advanced R&D capabilities in the electrochemical field
Streamlined quality checks and performance measures for battery cathode materials efficiency

Lithium-ion Battery Cathode Materials

Sodium-ion Battery Cathode Materials