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Dexketoprofen Trometamol | Market Insights, Price & Trends of this API


Dexketoprofen, an aryl propionic acid derivative, is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It is available in various countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Dexketoprofen API is used as a drug for managing mild to moderate pain associated with dysmenorrhoea, migraine, and knee pain and is also used in cases of post-surgery in dental or no dental procedures. It is available in the form of tablets, gel and also as injectable.

Dexketoprofen Trometamol API Market

Dexketoprofen Trometamol Sales Trend

Export from India

  • The annual quantity of API export from India has increased from 2018 to 2020, then there is a slight decrease in 2021. 
  • The avg. Item rates have declined since 2018 and remained constant throughout the2019 and 2020 and have increased again in 2021 probably due to less supply. 

Major Importing Countries

  • Major Countries Importing are Turkey and Spain.
  • Other Countries importing significant Quantity is Germany, Guatemala, Mexico & Switzerland.

Dexketoprofen Trometamol Importing Countries

Major Exporting Countries

India has been a hub for manufacturing and supplying APIs to the global pharmaceutical industry. India is the largest exporter of this API although the net quantity has seen a drop due to the challenges that might have been created by the global pandemic. The export quantities from India for this API should increase in due course. China and Italy are other significant exporters of this API. It is unknown what their exact contribution is to the export volumes because of the lack of availability of trade data from both countries.

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