Prilocaine | Market Insights, Price and Trends of this drug

Prilocaine is a toluidine derivative and is a secondary amide analogue of lidocaine. It is used as a general local anaesthetic drug for pain relief with a prolonged duration of action and rapid onset than other similar medicines. 

Prilocaine Export Insights

Prilocaine API market

Prilocaine API sales trend

Exporting countries

Export from India
  • The annual quantity has been increasing year on year till 2020, but it fell in 2021. 
  • The average price has seen a downward trend after going upwards. and has been steady since.

The three companies exporting are:

  • Gufic Lifesciences
  • HRV global Sciences
  • Swati Spentose Pvt. LTD.
Export from other countries

Apart from India, Belgium and China have also shipped API as per the data available in the public domain.

Major importing countries

  • Major Countries importing are Taiwan and Egypt.

Other Major Countries are:

  • Turkey
  • USA
  • South Korea

Countries importing Prilocaine

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