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Mercurous Nitrate Structure

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What is Mercurous Nitrate?

Mercurous Nitrate also commonly referred to as Mercury(I) nitrate monohydrate, is an inorganic chemical compound that exists as colorless to white solid crystalline powder. It usually exists in the dihydrate form. If consumed, it causes toxic effects.

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PRODUCT NAME Mercurous Nitrate
IUPAC Name mercury(1+);nitrate;hydrate
SYNONYMS Mercury(I) nitrate; Dimercury dinitrate; MERCURY(I) NITRATE MONOHYDRATE; Mercurous nitrate (monohydrate)
CAS No 7782-86-7
Molecular Formula H2HgNO4
Molecular Weight 280.61 g/mol
Pubchem CID 62664


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Description Colourless crystals
2 Solution: 10% (in 5n hno3) Almost clear & colourless
3 Substances insoluble in hno3 Must passes test
4 Assay (iodometric) 95% Min
5 Mercury (ii) as Hg 3 % Max
6 Chloride (Cl) 0.03 % Max
7 Iron (Fe) 0.005% Max
8 Melting range (in °c) 69 - 70
9 Residue on ignition (as SO4) 0.1 % Max


  • It is employed as an intermediate in the synthesis of various other mercury(I) compounds.
  • The solution of Mercurous nitrate in dilute nitric acid is known as Millon’s reagent, that is utilized as an indicator for the purpose of determining the presence of tyrosine-containing proteins.

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