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Silver Carbonate Chemical Structure

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What is Silver Carbonate

Silver Carbonate is a carbonate salt of Silver. It is yellow in color, however normal samples are grayish due to the presence of elemental silver. It is a salt of low solubility. It is decomposed by acids with the evolution of carbon dioxide. No rapid reaction with air or water is observed.

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PRODUCT NAME Silver Carbonate
CAS No. 534-16-7
SYNONYMS Silver(I) carbonate, Fetizon's reagent, Disilver carbonate, Carbonato de prata, carbonato d'argento, carbonato de plata, carbonate d'argent
USES Used for the production of silver powder for use in microelectronics
Pubchem CID 92796
Pubchem SID 462770303


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Color) Faint Green to Dark Green and Faint Brown to Dark Brown and Yellow-Green
2 Appearance (Form) Powder or lumps
3 X-Ray Diffraction Conforms to Structure
4 Silver (Ag) 77.0 - 79.4 %
5 Density 6.08 g/cm³
6 Solubility 0.032 g L−1 at 25∘C
7 Melting Point 218 °C


  • The most common application for silver carbonate is in the manufacture of silver powder, which is then put to use in microelectronics.
  • Silver carbonate supported on celite is known as Fetizon’s reagent. It is employed for the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols, which results in the production of aldehydes and ketones, respectively.
  • It serves as a reagent in organic synthesis processes such as the Koenigs-Knorr reaction.
  • It has been utilized as a base in the Wittig reaction as well as in the C-H bond activation process.
  • It is also required in numerous organic transformations, such as the conversion of alkyl bromides to alcohol, because of its strong basicity.


Q. Is Silver Carbonate soluble in water?

It is poorly soluble in water, with a solubility of approximately 0.032 g/L at 25 °C.

Q. What is the chemical formula for Silver Carbonate?

Silver carbonate is the chemical compound with the formula Ag2CO3.

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