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Chemical structure of Silver Chloride

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What is Silver Chloride?

Silver chloride is described as a white crystalline chemical compound having the formula AgCl. It occurs naturally as a mineral chlorargyrite. Despite being a chloride salt, it has very low solubility. It is most soluble in aqueous ammonia. It can be prepared when sodium chloride is added to the silver nitrate solution giving us a white precipitate of silver chloride.

AgCl quickly darkens on exposure to light by disintegrating into elemental chlorine and metallic silver. This reaction is used in photography and film. Silver chloride is also an example of a well-known salt stain, which is used to impart an amber colour to the glass.

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PRODUCT NAME Silver Chloride
IUPAC Name chlorosilver
CAS No. 7783-90-6
SYNONYMS Mark II; cloreto de prata; cloruro d'argento; cloruro de plata; chlorure d'argent
USES Used in antimicrobial products, wound healing products, water treatment, and antidotes for mercury poisoning.
Pubchem CID 24561
Pubchem SID 462770304


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Color) White to Grey or Tan
2 Appearance (Form) Beads
3 ICP Major Analysis Conforms silver component
4 Purity 99.998 % Purity Based On Trace Metals Analysis
5 Trace Metal Analysis ≤ 25.0 ppm


  • Antidote in Mercury poisoning
  • Reference Electrode in Electrochemistry
  • Preservative in Cosmetics
  • Microbiocide, used in bandages and wound healing products
  • To create yellow, amber, and brown shades in stained glass manufacture
  • In photographic paper and Photochromic lenses
  •  A useful addition to pottery glazes for the production of “Inglaze lustre


Q. Is Silver Chloride soluble in water?

Silver Chloride has a water solubility of 1.93 mg/L only, making it nearly insoluble in water.

Q. Why should Silver Chloride be protected from light?

When silver chloride is exposed to sunlight, it decomposes into silver and chlorine gas. Thus, AgCl is stored in dark coloured bottles to interrupt the path of light and prevent its decomposition.

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