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Silver Iodide Chemical Structure

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What is Silver Iodide?

Silver Iodide is an inorganic bright yellow solid, however samples nearly invariably contain metallic silver impurities that provide a grey color.

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Product Name Silver Iodide
CAS No. 7783-96-2
Synonyms Silver(I) iodide; Iodosilver; Iodeto de Prata; yoduro de plata; Argentum Iodide; Iodure d'argent; Silver monoiodide; Neosiluol; Neosilvol
Molecular Formula AgI
Molecular Weight 234.773 g/mol
Pubchem CID 24563
Pubchem SID 462770305


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Color) Yellow to Yellow-Green
2 Appearance (Form) Powder
3 Titration by AgNO3 % Ag After NaCN Treatment 45.2 - 46.6 %
4 ICP Major Analysis Confirms Silver Component Confirmed


  • Silver Iodide is frequently employed in weather modification applications including cloud seeding and anti-hail devices.
  • In photographic film, silver iodide is utilized due to its highly photosensitive nature.
  • Silver Iodide is used as an antimicrobial for medical devices and also as a laboratory reagent.
  • It is also used in proteomics research applications.


Q. Is Silver Iodide soluble in water?

Silver Iodide is negligibly soluble in water, having a solubility of approximately 3×10−7g/100mL at 20 °C.

Q. Is Silver Iodide harmful?

Silver Iodide is considered to be a hazardous substance.

Q. What is the formula for Silver Iodide?

Silver Iodide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula AgI.

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