Silver Zeolite Structure

What is Silver Zeolite?

Silver zeolite refers to a type of zeolite, a porous crystalline material, that has been impregnated or coated with silver ions or silver nanoparticles. Zeolites are aluminosilicate minerals characterized by their porous three-dimensional structure. The introduction of silver into the zeolite structure can result in the material acquiring antimicrobial properties.

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Name of Product Silver Zeolite
Synonyms Silver-exchanged zeolite; Silver-impregnated zeolite; Ag-zeolite
CAS No 130328-18-6

Chemical Properties

SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Form) Granules or Pellets or Beads
2 Appearance (Color) Yellow-beige to Gray
3 Density 0.85-1.07 g/cm3 at 25 °C (lit.)
4 Melting Point >500 °C (lit.)
5 Solubility Insoluble in water


  • Silver zeolite can be incorporated into coatings for surfaces, textiles, and medical devices to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection.
  • It has been explored for its potential use in water treatment to control microbial contamination.
  • Some air purification systems use silver zeolite to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold in the air. This application helps maintain cleaner indoor air quality.
  • It is used as a catalyst in the low-temperature CO isotopic scrambling reaction.
  • Halogens from gas streams are removed selectively by silver-exchanged zeolite.
  • Silver zeolite can be incorporated into various consumer products, such as soaps, plastics, and kitchenware, to impart antimicrobial properties and reduce microbial contamination.
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