Sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate (10039-32-4)

Sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate Chemical Structure

Sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate is a reagent frequently used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and chromatography due to its extremely high buffering capacity. It is highly hygroscopic in nature.


  • In conjunction with Monosodium Phosphate, it is used in the preparation of biological buffers.
  • Other applications include use in the purification of antibodies.
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Name of Product Sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate
IUPAC Name disodium;hydrogen phosphate;dodecahydrate
Synonyms Disodium phosphate dodecahydrate; Sodium hydrogenphosphate dodecahydrate; Disodium orthophosphate, dodecahydrate; disodium phosphate 12 hydrate
CAS No 10039-32-4
Molecular Formula Na2HPO4 · 12H2O
Molar Mass 358.14 g/mol
Pubchem CID 61456
Pubchem SID 464868924

Chemical Properties

SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Form) Crystals
2 Density 1.5 g/cm3
3 Melting Point 34°C
4 Solubility (in water) 35.8 g/L at 20 °C
5 pH 8.4-9.6 (20 °C, 1%)
6 Loss on drying 57-61%
7 Assay 98.5-102.5% (T)

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