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What is Sodium Selenate?

Sodium Selenate is the sodium salt of selenium and exists as colorless to white powder. It exists in the forms of the anhydrous salt, the heptahydrate, and the decahydrate. The decahydrate form is frequently used as a source of selenium in multivitamins and animal feed, while the anhydrous salt is used in the production of glass.

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PRODUCT NAME Sodium Selenate
CAS No. 13410-01-0
SYNONYMS Disodium selenate; Natriumseleniat; Selenic acid, disodium salt; selenato de sodio; Sélénate de sodium; selenato di sodio
Pubchem CID 25960
Pubchem SID 462770310


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Description White to Off White
2 Appearance (Form) Powder
3 Solubility (Color) Colorless to Very Faint Yellow
4 Solubility (Turbidity)
(100 mg/mL, H2O)
Clear to Slightly Hazy
5 IR Spectrum Conforms to Structure
6 Selenium 39.7 - 44.0 %
7 Sodium (Na) 23.7 - 24.9 %
8 Purity (Titration by NaOH) ≥ 98.0%


  • One of the early uses of Sodium Selenate is in the glass industry, where it is utilized to produce colorless glass.
  • Insecticides that are used against mites, aphids, and mealybugs frequently contain sodium selenate as an active component. It is also used in some fungicides.
  • Sodium selenate is also used efficiently for bio-fortification of crops, hence fortifying food and feed to prevent selenium insufficiency in humans and animals.


Q. Is Sodium Selenate a salt?

Sodium selenate is an inorganic sodium salt having selenate as the counterion.

Q. What is the chemical formula for Sodium Selenate?

Sodium selenate is a compound with the molecular formula Na2SeO4.

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