Ultra high purity Fluorescein powder (Sodium salt) 25 gms

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MAC FLUORESCEIN – Ultra high purity Fluorescein sodium (25 gms)

Ultra-High Purity for Research Purposes

cGMP Manufactured

Free from Organic Impurities and Solvents

Also available in Packing sizes- 50 gm, 100 gm

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Ultra High Purity Fluorescein Sodium

  • Minimum 90.0% assay.
  • Free of organic impurities.
  • No residual Organic Solvents.

The product will be packed in food-grade HDPE Jars. This product is shipped in powder form and you can mix it with water for preparing a solution (0.1%, 1%, 2%). Each shipment will be provided with a Batch Certificate of Analysis. 

(This product contains 25 gms of Fluorescein Sodium Powder)

Macsen Drugs granted a patent from Indian Patent office for Novel Fluorescein Sodium Synthesis Process

The Indian patent office has granted a patent to Macsen Drugs, a unit of Macsen Labs group. The patent relating to the field of chemistry is titled “Process for the preparation of crystalline fluorescein Sodium from diacetylfluorescein or Fluorescein”. The patent concerns a novel process for synthesizing the compound Fluorescein Sodium. Read More

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We do not claim or recommend any particular use of Fluorescein Sodium. Use in accordance to the prevailing laws of your country/state. The terms used are only to represent the quality of the product and not the use. We sell as API/Bulk drug only to licensed distributors/end users.

This product is not an API, Bulk drug, Pharmaceutical or Medicine.


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