Malachite Green Powder (Oxalate Salt) | 25 gm



Malachite Green Powder (25 gms)

Malachite Green Powder (Oxalate Salt)

Crushed Crystal Powder Form

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Malachite Green Powder (Oxalate Salt)

  • Malachite Green powder is commonly used as a biological stain and in Aquaculture.
  • More than 98.0 % dye content.
  • CAS No. – 2437-29-8
  • Also referred to as Basic Green 4, C.I 42000 and Diamond Green.

The product will be packed in food-grade HDPE Jars and is shipped in powder form. Each shipment will be provided with a Batch Certificate of Analysis. 

(This product contains 25 gms of Malachite Green Powder)

What is Malachite Green?

Malachite green, alternatively known as aniline green, benzaldehyde green, or China green, belongs to the triphenylmethane dye category. It is utilized as a local antiseptic in the form of a diluted solution. This dye is a vibrant green crystal with lustrous properties, soluble in both water and alcohol. Its production involves the combination of benzaldehyde and dimethylaniline.


  • Malachite Green is used as a dye for materials such as silk, leather and paper.
  • It is also effectively used in aquaculture as it protects fishes against ailments such as Egg Fungus, Ichthyophthirius multi-files, Oödinium pillars, and Saprolegnia.
  • Malachite Green is also used as a biological stain for examining cell biology and tissue samples under a microscope.
  • It can also be used for theft detection as it leaves green stain on hands.
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Macsen Labs deals in a wide range of Speciality Dyes & Biological Stains and is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality Malachite Green Oxalate.


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