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Basic Yellow 40 is a highly fluorescent, green to yellow dye. Its most common application is to improve the appearance of latent prints created using cyanoacrylate. In addition to this, it is utilized in the process of encapsulating various dyes within a variety of molecular sieves or zeolite hosts.

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Name of Product Basic Yellow 40
IUPAC Name 7-(diethylamino)-3-(1,3-dimethylbenzimidazol-3-ium-2-yl)chromen-2-one;chloride
Synonyms Coumarin40; Flavine 10GFF; Fluorescent yellow 10GFF; Cationic Brilliant Yellow 10GFF; Amarelo Básico 40; Básico Amarillo 40; Basic Yellow XL; Jaune basique 40
CAS No 29556-33-0; 35869-60-4
Molecular Formula C22H24ClN3O2
Molecular Weight 397.9 g/mol
Pubchem CID 169053
Pubchem SID 475523902


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Form) Solid Powder
2 Appearance (Color) Orange-yellow
3 Solubility Soluble in Water & Alcohol
4 Wavelength of Maximum Absorption 432 - 436 nm
5 Storage Temperature Room Temperature

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