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What is Leishman Stain?

Leishman stain, also known as Leishman’s stain, is a type of the Romanowsky stain, and is similar to Wright Stain. It is also known as eosin-polychrome methylene blue as it is composed of a methanolic mixture of “polychromed” methylene blue (i.e., demethylated into several azure colors) and eosin. The Leishman stain was developed by Scottish pathologist William Boog Leishman.

PRODUCT NAME Leishman Stain
SYNONYMS Hematology Stain, Eosin-polychrome methylene blue
CAS No 12627-53-1
Molecular Formula C6H5NO5
Molecular Weight 171.038 g/mol


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance Dark Green crystalline powder
2 Solubility 0.1% Methanolic soln. is clear blue coloured with greenish fluorescence.
3 Loss on drying Max. 8.0%
4 Absorptivity of 0.1 % soln. inMethanol at 525 nm NLT 650
5 Absorptivity of 0.1 % soln. in Methanol at 641 nm NLT 900



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