Methylene Blue AR for Microscopy

Methylene Blue AR for microscopy

Methylene blue is a common biological stain used in microscopy to visualize structures such as nuclei, bacteria, and cell components. Methylene blue analytical research grade refers to a high-purity form of the dye that is suitable for use in research applications where accuracy and reproducibility are important.

Research-grade methylene blue is typically manufactured to meet strict quality control standards, ensuring a consistent product with minimal impurities. This form of methylene blue is often used in microscopy applications such as staining tissue samples or identifying microorganisms.

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Name of Product Methylene Blue AR grade
IUPAC Name [7-(dimethylamino)phenothiazin-3-ylidene]-dimethylazanium;chloride
Synonyms Basic blue 9; Methylthioninium chloride; Solvent blue 8; Swiss Blue; Chromosmon; Methylene Blue anhydrous; Methylene Blue N; Bleu de methylene; Methylene Blue chloride
CAS No 61-73-4
Molecular Formula C16H18ClN3S
Molecular Weight 268.35 g/mol
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SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Description Dark Blue crystalline Powder with a copper- coloured sheen.
2 Solubility Must Pass Test
3 Identification Must Pass Tests
4 Loss On Drying (At 75˚C At Pressure Nmt 5mm Of Mercury For 4 Hrs.) LIMIT: IN BETWEEN 8.0%-18.0%
5 Residue On Ignition NMT 1.2%
6 Arsenic LIMIT: 8PPM
7 Copper Or Zinc Must Pass Test
8 Chromatographic Purity >Must Pass Test
9 Assay (With Reference To Subs.
Dried At 105˚C & As % Of (C16h18n3cls)
Our product is of quality approvable from Biological Stain Commission.

Available Packaging

Available Packaging
25 gm 25 gm in HDPE Jar
50 gm 50 gm in HDPE Jar
100 gm 100 gm in HDPE Jar
250 gm 250 gm in HDPE Jar
500 gm 500 gm in HDPE Jar
1 kg 1 kg in HDPE Jar
5 kg 5 kg in a HDPE drum
10 kg 10 kg in a HDPE drum
25 kg 25 kg in a HDPE drum


Methylene Blue is a commonly used dye in microscopy, where it is used to stain various biological specimens for visualization and analysis under the microscope. Some of the specific uses of Methylene Blue in microscopy include:

  • Staining Nucleic Acids: Methylene Blue is often used to stain nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA, which appear blue or purple under the microscope, to visualize and study the structure and organization of genetic material in cells.
  • Staining Bacteria: Methylene Blue is frequently used to stain bacterial cells, which can appear blue or purple under the microscope, to identify and classify different types of bacteria and study their morphology and behavior.
  • Staining Mitochondria: Methylene Blue can also be used to stain mitochondria, the organelles responsible for energy production in cells,  to study the structure and function of mitochondria and their role in various cellular processes.
  • Staining Blood Cells: Methylene Blue is sometimes used to stain blood cells, which can appear blue or greenish-blue under the microscope, to identify and study different types of blood cells, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
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