Fluorescein Free Acid (Solvent Yellow 94)

Fluorescein free acid (Solvent Yellow 94) Chemical Structure

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Macsen Laboratories is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Fluorescein free acid (Solvent Yellow 94) with ISO certification.
SYNONYMS Fluorescein free acid, D&C yellow 7, Japan Yellow 201, C.I 45350:1, Soap Yellow
CAS No 518-45-6
Color Index No 45350:1


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Description Brownish Red To Red In Colour
2 Identification Infrared Spectrum Conforms To Structure
3 Water Nmt 1.0 %
4 Zinc No Turbidity Is Produced
5 Acriflavin Test No Precipitate Is Formed
6 Assay Minimum 97.00 To 102.0 %
Applications: Solvent Yellow 94 also known as Fluorescein free acid is used mainly as a dye for various industrial applications.
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    Updates from Macsen Labs on API- Macsen Drugs granted a patent from Indian Patent office for Novel Fluorescein Sodium Synthesis Process

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