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Sodium Iron Sulfate Structure

What is Sodium Iron Sulfate?

Sodium Iron Sulfate is a chemical compound with the formula Na6Fe5(SO4)8. It is a salt that contains sodium (Na), iron (Fe), and sulfate (SO4) ions. It is commonly used in various industrial applications, including water treatment, as a mordant in dyeing processes, in the production of pigments, and as a cathode material in certain types of batteries, specifically in sodium-ion batteries.

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Name of Product Sodium Iron Sulfate
Molecular Formula Na6Fe5(SO4)8

Mechanism of action

Sodium iron sulfate is chosen as an electrode material in certain battery systems because of its ability to host the reversible insertion and extraction of sodium ions. It acts as a cathode material in sodium-ion batteries works by allowing sodium ions (Na+) to be inserted into its structure during charging, which stores electrical energy. During discharging, these sodium ions are released, and the iron ions (Fe3+) in the compound change their oxidation state. This process of insertion and release of sodium ions in the cathode, stores and delivers electrical energy efficiently over multiple charge-discharge cycles.


Battery Cathode Material: Sodium Iron Sulfate is used as a cathode material in sodium-ion batteries due to its ability to store and release sodium ions during charge and discharge cycles.

Water Treatment: Sodium iron sulfate is used in water treatment processes as a coagulant and flocculant. It helps to remove impurities, turbidity, and suspended solids from water by forming flocs that can be easily separated. It is also used in wastewater treatment to help precipitate heavy metals and other contaminants, aiding in the purification of wastewater before disposal.

Dyeing and Textile Industry: It is used as a mordant in the textile industry to fix and enhance the color of dyes on fabrics. It helps to improve the permanence of dyes on textiles. It is also used in tanning of leather.

Analytical Chemistry: It may be used in analytical chemistry as a reagent in various chemical analysis and experiments.

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