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Sodium Chromium Oxide (12314-42-0)

Sodium Chromium Oxide Structure

What is Sodium Chromium Oxide?

Sodium Chromium Oxide is an inorganic compound with a dark green color. It is commonly used as an oxidizing agent in various chemical reactions and has applications in battery technology, particularly in high-energy-density batteries. This compound’s unique properties make it important in the field of materials science and energy storage research.

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Name of Product Sodium Chromium Oxide
IUPAC Name sodium;chromium(3+);oxygen(2-)
Synonyms Sodium Chromium Oxide; Sodium chromite; Chromic sodium oxygen(-2) anion; Sodium chromate(III)
CAS No 12314-42-0
Molecular Formula NaCrO2
Molecular Weight 106.985 g/mol
Pubchem CID 181085

Chemical Properties

SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Form) Solid Powder
2 Appearance (Color) Dark Green
3 Solubility Sparingly soluble in Water
4 Density 2.5 g/cm3 - 3.5 g/cm3

Mechanism of action

It involves the reversible movement of sodium ions and the associated changes in the oxidation states of chromium within sodium chromium oxide electrode. This process stores energy during charging and releases it as electrical power during discharge, allowing the battery to function as an energy storage device.


  • Sodium chromium oxide is used as a cathode material in solid oxide fuel cells.
  • It is employed in high temperature ceramic coatings for corrosion resistance.
  • In some cases, it serves as a catalyst in chemical reaction.
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