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Chemical Structure of Iodoform

What is Iodoform?

Iodoform is classified as an organoiodine compound, denoted by the chemical formula CHI3, and possesses a tetrahedral molecular geometry with C3v symmetry. It occurs as bright yellow or yellow powder or crystals. Iodoform, first synthesized in 1822, is produced through the process of electrolysis in aqueous solutions comprising acetone, inorganic iodides, and sodium carbonate.

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Name of Product Iodoform
IUPAC Name iodoform
Synonyms Triiodomethane; Carbon triiodide; methyl triiodide; Iodoformum; Iodoformio; yodoformo; Iodoforme
CAS No 75-47-8
Molecular Formula CHI3
Molecular Weight 393.732 g/mol
Pubchem CID 6374


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (form) Crystalline Solid Powder
2 Appearance (color) Yellow to greenish-yellow
3 Odor A pungent, disagreeable odor
4 Solubility Freely soluble in Acetone and Benzene
Slightly soluble in Glycerol and Petroleum ether
Insoluble in Water
5 Melting Point 118-121 °C
6 Density 4.008 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)


Iodoform has several uses in various fields, including medicine, chemistry, and industry. Some of the primary uses are as follows:

  • Iodoform has antiseptic properties and was historically used as a topical antiseptic for disinfecting wounds and surgical incisions. However, its use for this purpose has decreased over time due to the availability of more effective and less toxic antiseptics.
  • Iodoform is used in dental procedures as a component in bismuth subnitrate iodoform paraffin paste (BIPP) for gauze, used as an antiseptic packing for tooth extraction sockets and other dental surgical sites to promote healing and prevent infection.
  • It is a useful reagent in organic chemistry for various reactions. It is used in the iodoform test, which is employed to detect the presence of compounds containing the CH3-CO group, such as ketones and certain aldehydes.
  • Iodoform is also used as a veterinary medicine in conjunction with zinc oxide and propionic acid in the form of ear powders for dogs and cats, which are used to prevent infection and facilitate hair removal.


Q. What is the common name of iodoform?

Iodoform is alternatively referred to as tri-iodomethane, carbon tri-iodide, and methyl tri-iodide.

Q. Is iodoform an oxidizing agent?

Iodoform may act as a weak oxidizing agent.

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