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MAC VIOLET- Gentian Violet Powder | AR Grade (100 gms)

Ultra high purity Gentian Violet (Crystal Violet) Powder

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Gentian Violet Powder (Crystal Violet)

  • Analytical reagent grade Gentian Violet Powder.
  • Synonyms : GV, Hexamethyl Pararosaniline Chloride, Crystal Violet, Methyl Violet 10B, Aniline violet, Basic violet 3, Baszol Violet 57L, Brilliant Violet 58, Hexamethyl-p-rosaniline chloride, Methylrosanilide chloride, Methyl Violet 10BNS, Pyoktanin
  • It is a commonly used histological stain in microbiology.
  • It is an active component of Gram stain.

The product will be packed in food-grade HDPE Jars. This product is shipped in powder form and you can mix it with water for preparing a solution (0.1%, 1%, 2%). Each shipment will be provided with a Batch Certificate of Analysis.

(This product contains 100 gm of Gentian Violet Powder)

What is Gentian Violet (Crystal Violet) ?

Gentian Violet (GV) serves as a fundamental dye employed in Gram Staining. It belongs to the triarylmethane dye category and is alternatively referred to as Crystal Violet. The name gentian violet was first used to denote a combination of methyl pararosaniline stains (methyl violet). Gentian Violet finds extensive applications in both biological and commercial contexts, encompassing uses such as fingerprinting, ink dyeing, as an antifungal and antibacterial agent, an anthelmintic agent, and for histological staining.

Crystal Violet/Gentian Violet Uses

  • Gentian Violet serves a crucial role in gram staining, a process conducted in three sequential steps. Initially, the specimen is stained with gentian violet, a water-soluble dye. Subsequently, the decolorization step is carried out, followed by counterstaining with safranin. During decolorization, gram-positive bacteria, characterized by a thicker peptidoglycan layer, retain the gentian Violet stain, while gram-negative bacteria, with a thinner peptidoglycan layer, lose the GV stain and instead get stained by safranin.
  • It is also utilized in the microscopic examination of cells as a histological dye. Its application helps to emphasize and differentiate specific cellular elements, such as nuclei and cytoplasm, facilitating a clearer and more detailed analysis.
  • It serves as a dye in various industries, including textiles, wool, silk, paper, wood, and the cosmetic industry.
  • Additionally, it is employed as a constituent in black and navy blue inks utilized in pens and printers.
  • Gentian Violet is utilized in forensic studies to develop fingerprints.

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