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Acriflavine Extra Pure (8063-24-9)

Acriflavine Extra Pure Chemical Structure

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Acriflavine is a fluorescent dye which occurs as a brownish-orange powder. It is possible to use it topically as an antiseptic on the skin, and it is also put to use in the method of biological staining. Additionally, it is employed to treat external fungal infections in aquarium fish.

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Name of Product Acriflavine Extra Pure
Synonyms Acriflavoine hydrochloride; Chromoflavine; Neutroflavine; Xanthacridine; Acriflavon; Trypaflavine; Gonacrine; Gonacrin; Panflavin; Acriflavina
CAS No 8063-24-9
Molecular Formula C27H28Cl4N6
Molecular Weight 578.4 g/mol
Pubchem CID 53393742
Pubchem SID 462730480


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Description Orange- Red to Red Crystalline Powder, Odourless,
Taste Acid
2 Solubility Must Pass B.P.C-63 Test
3 Identification Must Pass 1 to 5 B.P.C-63 Tests
4 Water Insoluble Matter Test Must Pass B.P.C-63 Test
5 Certain Other Acridine Derivative Test Must Pass B.P.C-63 Test
6 Water NMT 6.5%
7 Sulphated Ash Test NMT 1.0%
8 Assay (With Reference To Anhydrous Subs. & As % Of C14h14n3cl) MINIMUM 98.5% TO 105.0% MAXIMUM

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