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What is Brilliant Blue G?

Brilliant Blue g is an essential ingredient for many different colorimetric protein gel stains. The suffix “G” in the name is an abbreviation for “green” as the blue colour of the dye has a slight greenish tint.

The product is currently under development. Samples are available from R&D. US DMF will be filed this year.
Name of Product Brilliant Blue G
Pharmacopoeial Name Brilliant Blue G
Synonyms Brilliant Blue G , Acid Blue 90, Coomassie Brilliant Blue G,
CAS No 6104-58-1
Molecular Formula C47H48N3NaO7S2
Molecular Weight 854.02 g/mol
Pubchem CID 6324599
Pubchem SID 462770290


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance (Color) Dark Blue to Very Dark Blue
2 Appearance (Form) Powder
3 Solubility H2O: 1 mg/mL
4 Purity (HPLC) ≥ 80 %
5 Storage Temperature Room temp

Mechanism of Action

During ophthalmic procedures, Brilliant blue G (BG) is used in an ophthalmic solution to stain the internal limiting membrane (ILM) of the eye. The internal limiting membrane (ILM) is a thin, transparent barrier that separates the retina from the eye’s vitreous body.  Since this membrane is thin and transparent, it might be difficult to detect during eye surgeries requiring high degrees of visual precision. The BG gives a strong blue color, which facilitates the identification of the ILM. BG stains the eye’s internal limiting membrane (ILM) without coloring the epiretinal membrane or the retina, making surgical removal simpler.



Q. What is Coomassie brilliant blue g-250 ?

Coomassie brilliant blue g 250 is one of the two similar triphenylmethane dyes that were developed for use in the textile industry but are now commonly used for staining proteins in analytical biochemistry. The “250” originally denoted the purity of the dye. The suffix “G” in the name is an abbreviation for “green” as the blue color of the dye has a slight greenish tint. Imperial Chemical Industries owns the trademark for the term “Coomassie.”

Q. How does Coomassie brilliant blue g-250 bind to a protein ?

The dye bind by means of hydrophobic associations with aromatic residues and electrostatic interactions with protonated basic amino acids (lysine, arginine, and histidine).

Q. Does Coomassie Blue stain all proteins?

It is able to form a non-specific bond with the vast majority of proteins.

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