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Name of Product Acriflavine Neutral
Pharmacopoeial Name Euflavina BPC 1949
Synonyms Euflavin; Acriflavin; Mixture of 3,6-Diamino-10-methylacridinium chloride and 3,6-acridinediamine; Chromoflavine; Neutroflavine; Xanthacridine; Acriflavon; Trypaflavine; Gonacrine; Gonacrin; Panflavin
CAS No 8048-52-0
Pubchem CID 443101
Pubchem SID 462730479


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification Our Results
1 Appearance Orange-Red or Brownish Red powder, Odor Faint, Taste very bitter Orange-Red or Brownish Red powder, Odor Faint.
2 Solubility Must Pass Test Passes Test
3 Identification Must Pass Identification Test 1 to 5 – As per BPC 1949. Passes Identification Test 1 to 5 – As per BPC 1949.
4 Sulphated Ash Test NMT 3.5% 2.0 -2.6%
5 Clarity Of Solution Must Pass Test Passes Test
6 Loss On Drying (At 120˚C.) NMT 5.0% 2.0 – 3.0%
7 ASSAY(With Reference To Subs. Dried At 120˚C & AS % OF C14H14N3Cl) NOT LESS THAN THE EQUIVALENT OF 95% 96 – 98%
Buy the best quality Euflavine for veterinary, aquaculture & human use. Used to treat fungal infections of fish & turtles. Best quality for making Euflavine solutions from Macsen Laboratories.
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