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Name of Product Isosulfan Blue
Pharmacopoeial Name Isosulfan Blue
CAS No 68238-36-8
Molecular Formula C27H33N2O6S2
Pubchem CID 50108
Pubchem SID 462770291


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance greenish-blue colour
2 Heat Resistance °C 160°C
3 Density, g/cm3 1.15
4 Residue on 80mesh 5.0 %max
5 Water Soluble 1.0 % max
6 Volatile Matter at 105°C 1.0 %max
7 Tinting Strength 95-105 %

Isosulfan Blue is a visual lymphatic imaging agent that is synthesised. It is injected into the tumour site’s periphery, where it binds to the lymphatic system and assists in the surgical detection of tumour sentinel nodes that stain blue.

It is also utilised as a contrast agent to identify lymphatic vessels in teenage varicoceles with high retroperitoneal ligation and to detect lymphatic vessel leakage after surgery. It is used in conjunction with lymphography to see the lymphatic system draining the injection site (in primary and secondary lymphedema of the limbs; chyluria, chylous ascites or chylothorax; lymph node involvement by the main or secondary tumour).

Although it is a fairly safe dye, several incidences of anaphylactic shock have been observed after receiving this medication.

The product is under development, specifications of Isosulfan blue will be available soon.

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