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Methylene Blue Untuk Sapi

Methylene Blue USP Chemical Structure

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Methylene Blue can be used for cattle (Methylene Blue untuk sapi) for the treatment of Lumpy Skin Disease. Methylene Blue (MB) is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug with well-known antiviral activity against a wide range of viruses. Methylene Blue has recently been shown to be extremely efficient in lowering the viral load of SARS-COV2.

Through its multi-mechanism antiviral action, MB will aid in the treatment of Lumpy Skin disease by lowering the viral load in infected cattle until the body triggers natural immune response. This helps to prevent any damaging excessive immune response, protecting from further complications like multiple organ damage.

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Name of Product Methylene Blue
IUPAC Name [7-(dimethylamino)phenothiazin-3-ylidene]-dimethylazanium;chloride
Synonyms Basic blue 9; Methylthioninium chloride; Solvent blue 8; Swiss Blue; Chromosmon; Methylene Blue anhydrous; Methylene Blue N; Bleu de methylene; Methylene Blue chloride
CAS No 122965-43-9, 61-73-4
Molecular Formula C16H18ClN3S
Molecular Weight 268.35 g/mol
Pubchem CID 6099


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification
1 Appearance Dark green crystalline powder having a bronze –like luster
2 Solubility Soluble in water and in chloroform
Sparingly soluble in alcohol
3 Identification IR Spectrum should be similar to that of Ref. Standard.
4 Loss On Drying (At 75˚C at pressure NMT 5mm of Mercury for 4 Hrs) In between 8.0%-18.0%
5 Residue on Ignition NMT 1.2%
6 Heavy Metals Must Comply as per USP
7 Residual Solvent Test Each individual solvent must meet the limit as per USP/ICH
8 Assay (On dried basis) MINIMUM 98.0% TO 103.0% MAXIMUM
Macsen Labs group’s Methylene Blue Synthesis Process granted a patent from the Indian patent office

The Indian Patent Office granted a patent to Mr Achal Agrawal, CEO of Macsen Labs, Udaipur. The title of the patent is Novel Improved Method for Synthesis of Diaminophenothiazine Compounds and it concerns a novel process for synthesising the compound Methylthioninium Chloride or Methylene Blue. Macsen Labs has now achieved a unique position by this patent and from now nobody will be able to copy this process. Read more

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