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Name of Product Proflavine Hemisulphate
Pharmacopoeial Name Proflavine Hemisulphate
Synonyms Proflavine sulphate; Proflavine Hemisulphate; Proflavine Hemisulphate Salt; 3-6-Diaminoacridine Sulfate; 2 8-Diaminoacridine Sulfate; Proflavine Hemisulphate Hydrate; 3,6-Diaminoacridine Hemisulphate; 3,6-Diamino-acridinsulfate (2:1);, 3,6-acridinediamine, Sulfate (2:1)
CAS No 1811-28-5
Pubchem CID 43833377
Pubchem SID 462768912


SR. No Criteria Limit/Specification Our Results
1 Discription Orange Red To Red Crystalline Powder, Odourless, Hygroscopic, Taste Bitter Orange Red To Red Crystalline Powder, Odourless, Hygroscopic, Taste Bitter
2 Solubility Must Pass Test Passes Test
3 Identification Must Pass A To E Tests Passes Test
4 PH (Saturated SOL) Limit: Max. 6.0 To 8.0 7.7
5 Certain Other Acridine Derivative Test Must Pass B.P Test Passes Test
6 Water Limit: 3.0% -7.0% 3.24%
7 Sulphated Ash Test NMT 0.5% 0.34%
8 Assay (With Reference To Anhydrous Substance & as % of (C13H11N3) 2.H2SO4 Minimum 98.0% 99.26%
Buy the best quality Proflavine Hemisulphate BP / IP as a disinfect out bacteriostatic against many grain positive bacteria from Macsen Laboratories.
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