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Name of Product: Fluorescein Sodium USP (Uranine)
Pharmacopoeial Name: Fluorescein Sodium USP (Uranine)
Synonyms: Fluorescein, disodium; Fluorescein disodium salt; C.I. Acid Yellow 73; Fluorescein, Water soluable; Spiro[isobenzofuran-1 (3H), 9'[9H]xanthen] 3-one, 3',6'-dihydroxy-, disodium salt; Uranine
CAS No: 518-47-8
Fluorescein Sodium BP/ Ph Eur
SR.No Criteria Limit/Specification Our Results
1. Description Orange Red Powder, Odourless & Hygroscopic. Orange Red Powder, Odourless & Hygroscopic.
2. Identification Must Comply Identification Test A to C Complies test
3. Water NMT 17.0% 2.83%
4. Zinc Must Pass Test Passes Test
5. Acriflavine Must Pass Test Passes Test
6. Residual Solvents As Per Test Conditions Passes Test
7. Copper Or Zinc Must Pass Test Passes Test.
9. Assay (on anhydrous basis & as % of
MINIMUM 90.0% TO 102.0% MAXIMUM 98.57%
Buy the best quality FLUORESCEIN SODIUM USP (URANINE) Used in the field of ophthalmology and used to confirm the presence of residual defect in heart surgery from Macsen Laboratories.
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