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Name of Product: Proflavine Hemisulphate
Pharmacopoeial Name: Proflavine Hemisulphate
Synonyms: Proflavine sulphate; Proflavine Hemisulphate; Proflavine Hemisulphate Salt; 3-6-Diaminoacridine Sulfate; 2 8-Diaminoacridine Sulfate; Proflavine Hemisulphate Hydrate; 3,6-Diaminoacridine Hemisulphate; 3,6-Diamino-acridinsulfate (2:1);, 3,6-acridinediamine, Sulfate (2:1)
CAS No: 1811-28-5
Proflavine Hemisulphate BP / IP
SR.No Criteria Limit/Specification Our Results
1. Discription Orange Red To Red Crystalline Powder, Odourless, Hygroscopic, Taste Bitter Orange Red To Red Crystalline Powder, Odourless, Hygroscopic, Taste Bitter
2. Solubility Must Pass Test Passes Test
3. Identification Must Pass A To E Tests Passes Test
4. PH (Saturated SOL) Limit: Max. 6.0 To 8.0 7.7
5. Certain Other Acridine Derivative Test Must Pass B.P Test Passes Test
6. Water Limit: 3.0% -7.0% 3.24%
7. Sulphated Ash Test NMT 0.5% 0.34%
8. Assay (With Reference To Anhydrous Substance & as % of (C13H11N3) 2.H2SO4 Minimum 98.0% 99.26%
Buy the best quality PROFLAVINE HEMISULPHATE BP / IP as a disinfect out bacteriostatic against many grain positive bacteria from Macsen Laboratories.
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